Tagnetics LCD Shelf Management System

Price Display and Shelf Optimization
Today’s retailer is faced with many challenges; fierce competition among retailers drives constantly changing promotions while consumers demand accurate pricing. Tagnetics Price Display and Shelf Optimization system effectively address these issues by automating the price change process. But unlike other electronic shelf label (ESL) solution, Tagnetics product adds a suite of features that greatly enhance in-store merchandising and store compliance. These features add up to increased sales and reduced overall operational costs, which makes an investment in Tagnetics Price Display and Optimization system an easy decision.

Shorter ROI Means Greater Savings
Tagnetics Price Display and Shelf Optimization System pays for itself faster than other electronic shelf label systems. Not only does the retailer save labor dollars with its price change features, but innovative features such as Stock-to-Light and Merchandising Manager take labor savings to a new high level. In addition to labor savings, Studies have shown that store compliance issues may be the single best opportunity for retailers to improve store profits. Tagnetics’ Inductive technology enables the system to effectively track labels and report movement. This data along with Tagnetics’ exclusive label locking feature improves planogram and set compliance, which leads to higher sales.

 shelf mgt

Tagnetics Merchandise Manager assists store personnel in complying with headquarters driven product promotions. Retailers have long understood the value of promotional material, such as beard tags, to promote weekly or club specials. These promotional signs provide additional visual confirmation to the consumer that specific products are currently special priced for a limited time. The process of getting this promotional material placed in association with the correct products is very important. Tagnetics’ Merchandise Manager provides a visual aid to help store personnel place new promotional signs, remove expired material and audit once completed. This feature improved both the efficiency and accuracy of the store promotional merchandising program.



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    Dear sirs:

    We are a development, rearch and seviches. Which we install completete applications quality facilities our customers with customized solutions for management software. We are currently looking for a quality product at a good price and with a very specialized technical support from the manufacturer, so we need to contact a serious manufacturer and confidence to carry out the exclusive distribution of its products in Spain.
    We currently have a client who wants to set up a distributions network.
    Therfore. If possible, send all the information possible in order to evaluate your choice of:
    • Technical characteristic of the products [ESL]

    – Labels, models, measures, etc
    -Communication with the host
    – communication systems
    – repeaters, range
    • Prices of items and cost of recommended prices in the market.
    • Type of software available to the ESL and how to control it from our
    • Management software, create opportunities for us as software specific to their products
    • Instructions for use and operation.4
    • How to install the product on the operating system.
    • Prices for each item.
    • Rate per 10000 ESL UD.
    • ESL reader.
    • Phone controller.
    • Control Area.
    • Exicter.

    Looking forward for you new.

    Best Regard:

    Marco A. Baena.

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