Retail Chain for Mobile Content

Mobile Magic, a chain of mobile phone boutiques, has launched a new retail service called “Media Magic”.

Media Magic is a retail platform for mobile users to buy legal and rich content like games, applications, movies, and music in an offline format.
Mobile Magic has got into an exclusive tie up with Hungama Mobile to distribute their content through their retail platform.

The company claims to have acquired the license to distribute over 500 movies, which includes regional titles in many languages, in addition to Bollywood movies, over 5000 songs, and huge numbers of wall papers and games.

The consumers will get DVD quality movies in all languages, all with legal content and software, which will ensure benefits like extended battery life, and no software problems like stalling and viruses, etc., said Vijay Singh, CEO of Media Magic.

To avail these facilities, a customer would need to visit any of Media Magic retail outlets, select the content, pay for it, and have it downloaded on their handset.

Alternatively, customers can themselves download the authorized content through the touch-screen kiosks placed at Mobile Magic stores in the form of memory cards, which have to be bought only once and then can be used to refresh content.

The company plans on having over 10,000 retail outlets across the country.


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