Web-Based Biometric Authentication System (WBAS)


WBAS is a state of the art authentication system that enables enterprises to authenticate users through biometric technology using a traditional web browser over the Internet/Intranet.

The authentication can be done by:

  • Fingerprint only (needs a fingerprint reader)
  • Face only (needs a webcam/camera)
  • Fingerprint and Face (needs a fingerprint reader and a webcam/camera)
  • Features:
  • Besides a webcam and/or a fingerprint reader, no other software or hardware needs to be installed on the client machine.
  • Uses 128-bit encryption between the client and server.
  • The users do no need to remember their passwords.
  • Supports unlimited clients.
  • The system is quick, easy-to-use and reliable.
  • Can easily be integrated with existing systems.
  • Advantages:
  • Being web based, the system offers the following advantages:

  • Reduces IT Management costs.
  • Simplifies deployment to clients.
  • Reduces license costs while effectively increasing license utilizations.
  • Password Lifecycle management

  • No need for password management – 40% of help desk calls are password related (Gartner Group).
  • No need for complicated passwords
  • No password sharing
  • Improve security of your organization
  • Simplifies provisioning
  • Robust audit trail
  • Eliminates weak passwords as a vulnerability
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