India Fashion Forum : IFF 2008 (January 29 – 30, 2008)

Welcome to India Fashion Forum, the magnum opus of the Business of Fashion & Retail, where the best creative minds, ideas, and global practices will converge. Over 100 thought leaders and global honchos will share their visions, learning and glories with some 2500 captains from the fashion businesses.”

“While ‘DESIGN’ is the central theme of IFF 2008 , there will be many benchmark case studies presented by global authorities and super-achievers in the business. It will also be a celebration and commemoration of the fact that design not only shapes the aesthetics, but also creates the functional value and ‘reason for being’, and also provides the most endearing values to brands. Design connects buisinesses to consumers through culture and emotions.IFF 2008 will house simultaneous and concurrent Leadership talk sessions, exhibits of futuristic concepts in fashion forecasting, branding and retailing, the most exciting of retail spaces across. India, and an unparalleled opportunity for business networking. Meet the fashion captains of the world at IFF. Discover the future of fashion in India, and the rightful place of design in that future.”
– Dr Darlie Koshy, Chairman IFF ’08 & Director, National Institute of Design

January 29 – 30, 2008
The Renaissance, Mumbai, India.


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