Nokia eyes larger share in India

Leading mobile phone manufacturer Nokia on Friday said it targets a bigger share in the domestic market by offering integrated navigation services to its customers.

Currently, Nokia has five devices equipped with integrated GPS — N95, N95 8GB, Nokia 82, Nokia E90 Communicator and Nokia 6110 Navigator.

“We are targeting a big growth in the Indian market. Around 50 per cent of customers are welcoming the navigation capabilities in this market,” India’s Director (marketing) Devinder Kishore told reporters in Mumbai.

However, many other phone series including Nokia S 60, has GPS support via bluetooth wireless module, he said.

Nokia 6110 Navigator has pre-installed local maps for eight cities in India, which help the user to reach a location by car or on foot, with the help of voice instructions, the company said.

Nokia is the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer and has a customer-base of 900 million worldwide.


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  1. The successor to the Nokia N95, the much talked about high end mobile the “N96” is finally launced at the Mobile World Congress in Germany.Nokia has built it to be a media powerhouse: The N96 has 16GB of internal memory and can be extended to 24GB with a MicroSD card….

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