Restaurateurs bring 24/7 breakfast to India

NEW DELHI: Eat breakfast all day long! Restaurateurs are bringing home the novel concept which draws heavily from the international model of ‘anytime breakfast.’ It’s essentially the wide range of American and European choices in these eat-outs that have hugely added to their appeal quotient. And it seems to have paid off well too. The innovative menu dished out combined with the classic decor ambience has been bringing in good business, keeping both domestic and foreign clients happy!

Cocoa by Belgique, a recently opened European cafe in Delhi’s plush Select City Walk Mall in Saket, offers a vast range of ‘All day breakfast’ choices as its speciality. Be it the American Breakfast with sausages, bacon, fried eggs, hash brown, American corn etc or the diverse Omelette menu with an ample range in store, they surely have some appetising options. And it’s not just the menu that is different.

The ambience too assures a snug atmosphere where classic musical hits of the 60s and 70s are played all day long. Says Shailesh Poddar, partner, Cocoa by Belgique, “The concept has hit off really well with our clients. At least 15-20% of our sales come from our ‘All day breakfast’ concept. With people being on the move all the time, these options are ideal as they are light and can be had at any time of the day.”

An out-an-out American meal can also be experienced at the Capital’s ‘The All American Diner’ at Indian Habitat Centre. The menu is exhaustive and offers popular American breakfast eating like pancakes, cereals, malts, waffles, shakes, fried eggs etc. Opened nearly five years back, getting a place here especially on the weekends will not be without a long wait!

Tirath Singh, executive chef at Habitat World says, “It’s sort of an American Dhaba! The response has been great, particularly on weekends with a sale percentage of nearly 40-45%. Both domestic and international clients are extremely keen to have a bite here.”

Other places have also picked up the concept in varied styles. ‘Eggspectations,’ a 24/7 restro-cafe at Jaypee Vasant Continental and Jaypee Siddharth in Delhi has a wide array of egg-specific signature dishes like Eggkuri, Yoke-round-the-clock, Egg-Chilada, Eggsbenedict etc as a significant part of its menu.

Mukesh Singhal, senior vice president, Jaypee Vasant Continental, feels that as the response towards the breakfast concept in India has increased at least by 25%, it has led to a positive rub off on their sales figures too. “It is a different concept and has hence worked well. It has enjoyed a good response from the past four years since its inception and people look forward to the new offerings here from time to time.”

And if you want to gorge on waffles and crepes all day long, then you could head straight to Crepe Station in Mumbai. Modelled on a European cafe concept, it has been receiving a good feedback.

“People are happy that the culture of ‘breakfast eating’ at any time of the day is gaining acceptance in India. That’s what is creating so much of interest,” feels Chris Schock, partner, Crepe Station. Breakfast, no doubt, is the most important meal of the day. Perhaps, that’s what the anytime breakfast cafes also wish to reiterate!

Source : Neha Dewan, TNN


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