Indian origin woman among top 15 women in business

SILICON VALLEY: Indian origin Cisco official Padmasree Warrior has been named one of the top 15 most influential women Padmasree Warrior driving innovation (and revenue) in corporate America.

Warrior, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the Cisco Systems, has been ranked among the top 15 women in business by a magazine.

The PINK magazine’s Top 15 Women in Business — “The Innovators” list identifies remarkable women leaders who use ideas to transform companies every single day.

From Michelle Gass, just promoted to senior vice president of global strategy at Starbucks, to Union Pacific Railroad’s Diane

Duren, who developed a new train route that delivers millions in revenue annually, these women create change in their organisations

— the kind that births new generations of products and has an immediate impact on the bottom line, says the magazine that caters to America’s career-focused women.

Warrior, who joined Cisco in December 2007 after stepping down as the Vice President and CTO of Motorola has been known as a driving force for innovation at Motorola and knowing how to harness the creative power of engineers.

Warrior, 47, raised in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, India, holds a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from IIT Delhi and a M.S. degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University. In 2007 she was awarded Doctor of Engineering, Honoris Causa from New York’s Polytechnic University.

Besides Padmasree, some other women making to the list in the March-April issue of the magazine are: Cathy Avgiris (Comcast), Barbara Beck (Manpower), Irene Chang Britt (Campbell Soup), Laurie Brubaker (Aetna), Diane Duren (Union Pacific Railroad), Julie England (Texas Instruments), Michelle Gass (Starbucks).

Source : PTI


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