Gigabyte GSmart MS808 – a smart 3.5G cell phone supports mobile TV


For those who’re always on the road and wanna stay connected to the Internet always, shall consider getting themselves a 3.5G cell phone, as it offers super fast Internet speed. 3.5G supports HSDPA download which can reach a speed of up to 14Mbps, is the best choice for streaming media-rich Internet content such as mobile TV.

Gigabyte’s 3.5G cellphone, GSmart MS808, is one of those 3.5G cellphones that we’re talkng about here, which allows you to watch mobile TV on via the supported DVB-H mobile TV technology. As mentioned 3.5G or HSDPA offers a download speed up to 14Mbps and also a confortably fast upload speed of 1.8Mbps. Watching mobile TV on the 3.5G supported GSmart MS808 cellphone shall give almost zero transmission delay and clearer crisper higher definition pictures.

Besides the HSDPA support, other networks supported by the Quadband GSmart including W-CDMA, EDGE and E-GPRS. The phone also features a GPS module, a powerful 624MHz Marvel processor and a 3 megapixel camera. Its body is metallic trimmed, stylish, equipped with a 2.8 inch VGA Touch screen like what you get on your iPhone and other Windows Mobile PDA phones. Besides, the data networks offered by mobile service providers, the phone also comes equipped with the WIFI module as an alternative for your Internet access. Gigabyte GSmart is expected to hit the market around the fall of 2008.


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