KFC to launch healthy product range in Thailand

KFC has launched a non-fried chicken menu in Thailand in order to benefit from a growing consumer desire for healthy food choices. The first product to be launched under the range will be the Roasted Wing Hitz, which will be sold for THB49 (USD1.60) for three pieces.

The company said that the new range of products had been created following three years of discussions and investigation by Yum! Brands and KFC’s Thailand-based franchisee, the Central Restaurant Group. To be able to create the new meal options, KFC restaurants in Thailand will have to add new, hi-tech ovens, a step that will cost THB350 million (USD11.4 million), which will be shared between Yum!, THB200 million (USD6.5 million), and the Central Restaurant Group, THB150 million (USD4.9 million).

The launch of the new menu items will occur in conjunction with the introduction of a new uniform, which will be green and orange rather than red, which will cost THB25 million (USD817,657) and a new slogan: ‘Live The Real Tasty Life’. To raise awareness of the move, KFC is going to advertise on TV, outdoor and through events. The Central Restaurant Group is hoping that the changes will see customers double the number of visits they make on average to KFC outlets. Commenting on the development, the marketing director for KFC at Yum Restaurants International (Thailand), Waewkanee Assoratgoon, said: “Customers aged 20-29 are worried about high calories in fried food, because it might make them fat and less beautiful. Meanwhile, customers aged 40-50 are also highly concerned about that but for the different reason of health problems.”


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