Woolworths Invests in Supply Chain Improvement Technology

Woolworths, Australia and New Zealand’s largest retail group, invested further in its supply chain redevelopment program by adding Software AG business process management” (BPM) capabilities.

Woolworths is also investing in a service-oriented architecture (SOA) registry and governance platform to underpin its overall corporate move towards SOA.

Software AG’s business activity monitoring (BAM) solution, webMethods Optimize, will provide Woolworths with real-time insight into how their supply chain processes are performing, what’s working well, where there may be bottlenecks and why and what can be improved. It will allow Woolworths to create and build process strategies against its business vision, defining and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) for people, process and system performance throughout their supply chain.

Software AG is also providing CentraSite, which will underpin Woolworths’ entire SOA, including the business activity monitoring component, by providing a registry and repository for SOA artifacts and governance throughout the entire SOA lifecycle.

These investments will assist Woolworths in meeting its strategic goals of enhancing IT and business agility in the face of constant business change.

“webMethods has been a key element in the technology platform that has helped us revolutionise our logistics business. The confidence we gained from that program encouraged us to further leverage our webMethods investment in the areas of SOA and Process. We see this relationship as a strategic one, the strength of which has been further enhanced by the involvement of Software AG,” Woolworths CIO Daniel Beecham said


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