What is the RFID chip and how will it be sold to the public?

What is the RFID chip?

A lot of people think the RFID chip is all about more Big Brother surveillance. Look at the CCTV around you: clearly that is for surveillance. So what is the microchip for? The microchip is an implantable device (about the size of a grain of sand) that has the ability to read your body’s frequencies, and thus also send frequencies to your body. The plan is to stick you under mind control to do, quite frankly, whatever they want to you. The assumption is that most will be killed and the remaining people will be put into a matrix of sorts. Elitists and eugenicist scientists have justified their enthusiasm by promoting the chip’s ability to create world peace, as people would be controllable and thus not able to create disruption, or even enter certain areas of the world (the chip has GPS-style location tracking).

If you don’t believe the microchip exists, realise Verichip is the company making it. They have a website, VerichipCorp.com, and the company is publicly traded on the stock market. The potential for a $100 billion market has recently led to significant capital investment being put into the operation.

If you’ve heard about microchips for pets being sent abroad, but don’t think there is a plan to implement this in humans, see the Verichip slogan, “RFID for humans”.

If you don’t believe it is possible to read frequencies (and thus send them), read the part on the Verichip site where they boast about it.

If you don’t believe a chip could affect your mind, see this video where a top scientist disgustingly boasts about its ability, and how this is something desirable.

If you think that some radical scientists may be in favour of it, but that doesn’t mean it will be governmental law, look at where we’re going with mandatory ID cards. Then realise that people will lose their ID cards, and thus the system will evolve into un-losable implanted chips. There will be no going back with the ID infrastructure set up.

If you don’t understand the concept of a matrix, realise that it’s basically taking what you perceive as reality and turning it into something else. While right now you see the walls of whatever room you’re in, the matrix would maybe turn it into a jungle, or a prison, or whatever.

If you don’t think that’s possible, I suggest you spend 10 minutes researching some basic mainstream hypnosis and other science. We don’t see stuff with our eyes. All we see with our eyes is frequency waves. Our brains then decode this into what we perceive as reality. This is done with the subconscious mind. Thus, if you can change how the waves are interpreted by the subconscious mind, you can create a matrix as described. This is what the chip does through sending vibration frequencies.

If you don’t think the mind control can work, because people will only get this thing gradually – and thus the people without the chip will notice if everyone goes under mind control and thus complain heavily about it – realise that only once everyone has it will the mind control signals be turned on.

How will the chip be sold to the public?

The populations of the various countries of the world are made up of different people with different needs and opinions. Thus, the following methods will be used to sell it to each of these groups of people.

Trendy people looking to be hip and cool (the average guy in the public) will have it sold to them through celebrity endorsements and television advertisements. If millions of people will buy particular clothes and products to keep in trend with the latest fashions, it will not be hard to sell them a product which allows them to instantly pay for goods at the supermarket without waiting in line. In fact, most people – celebrity-driven or not – will find the concept of swiping your arm by a scanner to pay for stuff very cool. See this IBM advert for proof. That looks pretty sweet to me.

Mothers and Fathers looking to protect their children from kidnappers and paedophiles will be interested in the GPS capabilities of the device. They will be able to check up exactly where their children are. This could even be prompted through an automated e-mail or SMS text message. You can be damn sure that at the time, the media will be running a story about some vicious killer or stalker, adding to the selling point. Question: do tagging devices which you strap to your legs already exist? Yes. But they are awkward and annoying to wear, hence the low take-up. This will be effortless, because it’s implanted in your arm as if it’s not even there. You can’t feel it.

The single biggest demographic to convince will no doubt be the Christians. This is because in the Bible, the “mark of the beast” is talked about, an unspecified device that is placed on everyone’s arm or forehead, that without it you “cannot buy or sell”. There is already a large Christian activist movement on the internet protesting the microchip because they see it as this “mark of the beast”. Considering that the majority of the United States population is a Christian to some degree, how can a majority of people ever accept the chip? Well, this problem has been assessed and thousands of preachers and priests have been recruited to sell the microchip to Christian America. “It’s OK, guys. God said the microchip is cool. He changed his mind since the Bible”, I hear them screaming already. Considering how blindly Christians tend to follow the Bible, and considering how blindly they tend to follow Christian leaders like the Pope (“It’s OK to believe in aliens now”. I’ll get to that later) and even their local priests, I actually think that Christians will be the easiest group of people to sell the microchip too! Rational, logical people will surely have the most questions. (I know I’m being stereotypical here, but you get the point.)

And let’s consider the greatest contributor to the up-take of this thing: democracy! Democracy states that with a 51% vote of confidence, a leader or law can be passed. Thus, if just half the people like this thing (or don’t bother to be politically active against it), the bill will be passed! Once the system is used, America’s infrastructure will change accordingly. Just like you now need a credit card to pay online and in most stores, you will need a microchip to pay via the RFID scanners, which by the way, are being subsidised to many companies.

Also take into account the earlier point about the infrastructure already being set up for ID cards, which will evolve into RFID chips once people start losing their cards.

With all of this said, it is still likely that more people will find this thing scary than useful. If this is the case, there are 2 backup plans, both ridiculously radical, but yet probable (one more than the other) when you look at the evidence.

An economic crisis may be created. With oil at $135 (as of writing), the US dollar at record lows against other major currencies and mainstream talks of a US recession, it is not unlikely that we will see people lining up for soup as seen in the Great Depression (if it was possible to manipulate a depression back then, just after signing the Federal Reserve Act, think of how easy it would be today). With people dependent on food and water to survive, if the chip is needed to make sure you’re a legal citizen or not a terrorist or whatever, you know people will take the chip. People will do anything to survive in a life or death situation. Just see how third world children and those of Iraq are forced into prostitution or humiliation by US troops in return for food. There are plenty of such videos on YouTube, as if this concept of survival really needs to be proven!

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