Tesco to freshen up its US stores venture

Tesco’s US retailing venture looks set to bow to criticism of the at-times austere design of its stores and incorporate local and community design features for the first time.

Fresh & Easy, which operates more than 60 stores in California, Nevada, and Arizona, is understood to be preparing the shift later this year as design policy evolves.

The first store to be affected is likely to be a new store in the Californian city of Fresno, which will be built on the former site of the historic Hofbrau restaurant, which closed last year.

F&E was granted planning permission for the 15,000 sq.ft site earlier this week by Fresno City Council, and the plans are believed to involve a mural reflecting the historic nature of the site and the neighbourhood in which it will sit.

Though the building was flattened last year, meaning F&E will not be able to incorporate its Germanic designs into the building, there are plans for a clock tower and new facade.

Details of the plans first came on a blog devoted to the convenience chain Fresh & Easy Buzz. Brighter signs and new colours will be brought in to improve the look.

A Tesco spokesman said: “Fresh & Easy is at the early stages of securing locations in the Fresno area. It would not be right to talk in detail about any one particular site or location.”


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