IKEA to launch new Family Mobile service on T-Mobile network

U. K. :T-Mobile, a mobile operator in the UK, has announced that IKEA, a home furnishing company, will launch its new Family Mobile service. The service will run on the T-Mobile network.

This marks the latest launch in the UK of a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to be supported by T-Mobile.

Under the agreement with Mobile Partners UK, T-Mobile will provide IKEA with pre-pay services that will be available to IKEA Family loyalty programme members in the UK.

Family Mobile will be launched to IKEA Family members on 8 August. Prior to this, IKEA will presented its 9,500 IKEA employees in the UK with a special introduction to the package by giving them a free Family Mobile SIM card with 5 of pre-loaded credit and a mobile phone.
Family Mobile has been designed by Mobile Partners UK to be simple to use with no hidden costs. Members of IKEA FAMILY will only pay for the air time they use with no fixed monthly payments and no minimum spend beyond an initial 10 of airtime purchased. Customers can keep their existing mobile number and can choose to have a household account with a number of SIM cards, allocating spend between registered members, T-Mobile informed.

The Family Mobile package consists of a mobile SIM card which can be ordered free of charge from the website Familymobile.co.uk. Mobile phones will not be sold by IKEA, however IKEA FAMILY members are able to purchase low-cost mobile phones through Mobile Partners UK, it was added.

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