Casual Male Retail’s brands to launch online stores in six European countries

Casual Male Retail Group has announced that its Casual Male XL and Rochester brands are launching online in six European countries. The company has said that the web stores are live in the UK and will be rolling out in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

Casual Male has partnered with GSI Commerce, a provider of e-commerce solutions, for the design, development and operations of the six online stores.

GSI Commerce is providing the web store design, web technology, order processing, fulfillment and customer call center services for the web stores. Each online store is tailored to the specific European country in which it operates and includes country-specific components, such as online payment processing, content translation and customer services.

David Levin, president and CEO of Casual Male Retail Group, said: “We are very excited about entering into these key European markets and expanding our presence beyond just our UK Rochester store. Until now the EU market has had a limited selection of big and tall apparel and think, we will be able to answer the markets needs by introducing our brands to the six regions.”


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