Ribena Strawberry to launch in 500ml bottle

Ribena, the UK’s No 1 Juice Drink, is building on its range and offering more consumer choice by launching Ribena Strawberry in a 500ml bottle.

The new 500ml offering builds on the success of Ribena Strawberry 288ml, which is the 2nd best selling flavour in the Ribena range. Consumers already love the taste of Ribena Strawberry and the 500ml format is set to attract new drinkers and trade up existing consumers to grow category value.

Consumers will be keen to buy a new product from the Ribena range, a brand they know and love, so retailers should stock up now to maximise their profits. Rich in Vitamin C, Ribena Strawberry contains no artificial colours or sweeteners and no added preservatives.

Linda Goggin, Ribena Senior Brand Manager said; “Ribena Strawberry 500ml is set to generate interest and excitement in the category and further drive sales of Ribena Strawberry, which is already the No1 selling Strawberry Juice Drink at £4m. “Ribena Strawberry 500ml offers consumers a delicious and refreshing drink.

Retailers should stock up on Ribena Strawberry 500ml to ensure they have the right range in their chiller to satisfy consumer demand. ” Ribena Strawberry 500ml bottles are made from 100% recycled PET and are available from 8th December 2008.


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