South African retailer to introduce interactive tech in Store of the Near Future

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Shoppers frequenting The Foschini Group stores in South Africa could soon have access to the latest touchscreen technology and interactive kiosks to check the status of their accounts and browse the latest clothing ranges.

In a news release, Mauro Mercuri, Managing Director at Tactile Technologies, says the company is showcasing its technologies at The Foschini Group Store of the Near Future, a three-day event initiated by The Foschini Group (TFG) to display the readily available IT solutions in the retail industry to its Board and trading managers in its various divisions.

“The group is evaluating implementing Tactile Technologies’ touchscreen kiosks that will serve as virtual interactive sales associates or as self-service account information kiosks. This forms part of TFG’s decision to use technology to grow turnover, increase customer satisfaction and curtail operating expenses,” says Mercuri.  Read more ….


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  1. I’m not usually a person that would take the time to reply on a blog but that post was very well done.

    Bob Doyle
    Shelf Companies Inc

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