Marks & Spencer go green with nPower

Marks & Spencer has demonstrated its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by signing the biggest renewable energy deal in the British retailing sector. The company has entered into a six year deal with nPower.

Under the contract, npower will provide the retailer with 2.6 terawatt-hours (TWh) of wind and hydro electricity from April. That’s enough to power all of the retailer’s stores and offices in England and Wales.

The contract also allows for a significant amount of the supply to be purchased directly from independent small-scale generators of renewables. Marks & Spencer has pledged to purchase enough renewable electricity to power its entire UK portfolio of stores and offices.

From a 2006/07 baseline, the retailer has reduced its like-for-like electricity consumption by more than 6 percent and sourced more than 30 percent of its electricity from renewable sources.

In its 2007 corporate responsibility report, the retailer announced plans to make its UK and Republic of Ireland operations carbon neutral, landfill-free and sustainably sourced without passing on the extra cost to customers.

Marks & Spencer also has eco-factories in Sri Lanka and Wales that harness renewable-energy and recycling technologies.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Retailnu,

    I like to do something for increasing greenry around the place I live at. Being a person conducts workshops and training sessions on enviornmental issues, I came across your post of how few corporates are working towards making the nature green.

    To support the ‘Go Green’ movement at my end, I recently brought a electric bike from R Martin Bikes, and love the way it runs. Since my workplace is slightly far from my home I used to travel by a car, but now the enviornmentalist in me takes pride in using a zero pollution vehicle.

    Nice to see other people sharing views to promote this cause. I’ll be back to read more. Till then,

    HAppy blogging

    • Hello sir,
      I think you have a car or other automobile.Since you are so much interested in alternative energy i want to ask you have you tried the water4gas technology.Well for getting the equipment you can go to and get whole kits.Please reply me about this at rshyam123 at gmail dot com
      Please also tell me where you are from.

      • Thanks for your comment.

        No, we are not from automobile industry. We are not just interested in alternative energy, but we are concerned about the speed with which we are exhausiting the energy resources and the effect of it on mankind. Our endeavour is to conserve the energy and make people aware of using the resources with care and not waste resources because it is available free from the nature. This way we will ruin the planet earth in next 50 years. So, save energy save planet!

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