Singapore unveils £42m plan on tourism

Singapore Tourism Board is embarking on a £42 million initiative to encourage tourism.

The BOOST (Building on Opportunities to Strengthen Tourism) campaign aims to increase travel to Singapore and will include tactical marketing campaigns developed in collaboration with tourism industry partners.

A “2009 Reasons toEnjoy Singapore” year-long global marketing campaign is part of the promotional push and will feature special offers.

Eight key source tourism markets will participate in the campaign: Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India, Vietnam, UK, Germany and Australia.

The thrust of the campaign in the UK will focus on the promotion of Singapore as a ‘must-see’ stopover destination and will see the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) partner with a number of operators including Travel 2 and Trailfinders on a wide range of promotional campaigns, including a mix of print, online, in-store and broadcast media.

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  1. I agree there are a lot of leisure activities one can take up in singapore. Just count the number of singapore tourist attractions and you will know that Singapore ain’t that boring a place.

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