Grabbit Gets Bigger, Brings in M-payments.

Grabbit has tied up with Atom Technologies for a mobile payments platform. Shoppers will now be able to purchase clothes, jewelry, etc. from Grabbit vending machines and make payments via credit cards by dialing a toll-free number. Grabbit said the service will first be launched in Mumbai and Delhi, followed by other ‘A’ cities.

The partnership between Grabbit and Atom will cover 400 vending outlets across the country (including 40 metro stations).
“We are confident that our customers will welcome this idea, because ultimately it is a matter of convenience for them. This feature will be available for all three of our machines i.e. exclusive brand/product machines, beverage, and snack/food. We are confident that the addition of m-payments facility will also speed up the adoption and usage of vending machines in India for high value products,” said M. D. Nayar, director (vending) of Grabbit.


4 Responses

  1. your idea is perfect and it is a matter of convenience for will benefacial for them.

  2. “It is yet another feather in the cap for atom, where we have tied with innovative service providers like Grabbit. I am sure customers will have a new experience in using this absolutely radical and revolutionary model of shopping and making payments through their mobiles. This will definitely take the retail revolution to a new level.” said Dewang Neralla, director, Atom Technologies.

  3. Great tips given by u.. Thanks for ur idea

  4. yes this is a great idea,I think.very useful for shoppers…..

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