creates a digital repository for receipts

Shoeboxx wants to get retailers and consumers onboard with its idea of creating a digital repository for receipts. The idea is that a customer carries a Shoeboxx card, which a retailer can swipe at its tills. The receipt is then sent electronically to the customer’s account online where they can store and view all their receipts in one place.

The company says that as well as being environmentally friendly, the system allows customers to keep track of their expenses and retailers have the option of placing additional advertising on the online receipts.

Shoeboxx says that it is in negotiations with several major retailers to set up pilot programmes of the service. The basic business model would involve it being free for both retailers and consumers to use; with the company behind the site making money by charging only for enhanced services, such as corporate customers who want to use it as an expenses tool.


2 Responses

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  2. This seems like another earth-friendly common-sense idea!
    A true win-win, wherein the customer doesn’t have to worry about losing receipts and resources are conserved.
    So I say bravo, Shoeboxx!

    However, it will be interesting to see how well this idea is accepted by those people who believe in the importance of a hard-copy paper trail, and although I would probably disagree with them in the long run, it’s difficult to argue the fact that when you receive a paper receipt it is possible to review what it says immediately in order to make sure that everything is on the up-and-up. With the “receipt” automatically going on line, you theoretically wouldn’t have that ability with this new system.
    Of course, when you purchase something on the internet you obviously receive no paper receipt, but then again, you get to review and print your billing summary right away, therefore avoiding missing possible mistakes that you might be difficult to correct at a later time…..

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