Build Your own Facebook Store

Shopping search engine expanded its merchant store application on the Facebook Platform to help retailers expand their e-commerce capabilities that can be used by the social network’s audience.

The free application, available to any enhanced merchant with an existing Facebook account, works hand-in-hand with their product listing on Sortprice itself and allows them to build a virtual store right on Facebook. Merchants can have their full inventory available to Facebook users for shoppers to peruse and compare prices on, complete with photos and direct links to their own Web sites, according to Sortprice.

The tools give retailers complete control over the ‘look and feel’ of their stores, with dozens of choices for color schemes, an option to upload category images, and the ability to add a slogan to their page as well. Sortprice also included an extensive FAQ section to guide merchants through the process of configuring their stores while offering tips for promoting the application to internal and external audiences.

On the user side, Sortprice’s unique Drag & Drop feature for the merchant pages is now compatible across all web browsers, facilitating each user’s visit. Shoppers can now quickly and easily compile a “wish list” of desired items from a particular merchant’s store. These lists are viewable to all users and are the foundation for a truly interactive shopping experience. Visitors can comment on other users’ wish lists, indicate particular items that they “like”, and even invite friends and family to check out wish lists or specific products.

To learn more about the Facebook store application, visit


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  3. Frasb Inc. is coming with a new application which helps Smal Businesses to open their customized own store in Facebook

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  5. We are using SolidShops ( to build out Facebook stores for clients. In about 15 minutes you’ll have your store up and running on Facebook, the only thing you’ll need to do is populate it with your products and you’re ready to roll

  6. If you want to import your Magento store to Facebook, and create your very own Facebook store in a few minutes, visit
    No Design or Development skills are required.

  7. You can also start your Store on Amazon. Please visit a sample store at for reference. It is very easy to create a catalogue page and web-store on amazon.

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