Asda launches zero-profit bicycles

Asda says it will not be making any profit on a new range of bicycles, which it claims are the cheapest available in the UK, launched as part of its Pedal Power promotion.

The retailer is seeking to increase the amount of cyclists by making new bikes more accessible to all. Its new range of four British Eagle bicycles offers child-sized versions for £50 and adult ones for £70.

“Price should not be a barrier on whether or not to buy a bike, therefore ASDA has worked incredibly hard to introduce these British Eagle bikes at a market-leading price on a not-for-profit basis. Cycling is the perfect low-cost activity for all the family to stay healthy and spend quality time together,” says Asda Leisure Trading Director Mike Logue.

The bikes will be in-store from 21 July to 9 August.


3 Responses

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  2. Interesting ad campaign: just “give away” a bunch of bikes, thereby helping the environment and making a good household name of the company. Much the same way that computer software companies often give away their product for free at first in order to increase the popularity of it, and then sell it for profit later (or sell enhancements to the product, etc.).

    I think these guys have stumbled on a good idea; using the “giveaway” campaign to increase popularity and even being able to justify it in environmentalist terms. Let’s hope it works!

  3. Can anybody tell me where I sign up for the RSS feed? I’m kind of new to all of this, but a friend had mentioned this. Thanks for any help.

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