Baskin-Robbins Opens Two New Stores In Shanghai

Ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins recently opened two new stores in Shanghai.

These have are the fourth and fifth stores to be opened in Shanghai since Baskin-Robbins established a partnership with Shaanxi Stellerich Food and Restaurant in 2008. According to Shaanxi Stellerich’s plans, the number of Baskin-Robbins stores in Shanghai will be increased to 15 before the end of this year.

In the future, the company plans to open more stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shaanxi, with the aim of making the total number of Baskin-Robbins stores across China reach 1,000 by 2018.


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  2. Hi
    I am a current franchisee of Baskin Robbins in India. And its been a terrible experience as far support and return on investment goes.

    Graviss Group is highly unprofessional organization with no support to franchisees. Almost 80% of franchisees are either losing money or not getting any return on investment.
    The franchisee program in India is breaking down thanks to the lack of support and marketing activities from Graviss.

    Their only objective is setup new parlours with no focus on profitability or sustainability. They provide poor equipment and operations support. There are no reviews of performance. They do some cursory cleaniliness checks. Every month 1-2 parlours are closing down and these are not being reported accurately
    Graviss conducts no marketing activities. They dont hold franchisee meetings or give any support to the franchisee. Once the parlour is opened they dont even visit the parlour. The franchisee has to fend for himself. Sales has dropped 50-70% in most parlours thanks to the poor response from Graviss.
    If BR international doesnt take action, BR will close down in India thanks to the stupidity and unprofessional attitude of Graviss. I myself have advised about 10 people not to take up BR franchises. And I will be spreading the word unless I see concrete action from BR International.

  3. You should read about Baskin Robbins and Cookieman abuse of asian peoples here:

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