Watsons’ New Concept Store Opens In Beijing.

The health and beauty products retailer Watsons has opened a new concept store at U-town Lifestyle Center in Beijing.

Unlike its traditional stores, Watsons’ new store introduces the department store model. Divided into two sections, the new store has a traditional store layout on the second floor and a 400-square-meter area in which cosmetics products are sold in the same way as in department stores — with an independent sales area for each brand.

David Inglis, the general manager for Watsons North China, told local media that investments in the new concept store are 50% higher that those in a traditional store, but the prices of products will remain the same. The setting up of the concept store is based on the results of a customer survey and the company will continue to make changes in the future to meet the various market demands.

Inglis said the current financial crisis will not affect women’s pursuit of beauty. Over the past year, Watsons’ sales showed double-digit growth. The company will open nine new stores in Beijing and will open another concept store in Harbin, Heilongjiang province. Watsons opened a similar store in Tianjin earlier this year.

Source: ChinaRetailNews.com


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