Price Chopper Leverages e-Sourcing to Save Time and Cut Costs

Regional independent Price Chopper Supermarkets has extended its agreement with its full-service e-procurement provider to expand the reach of e-sourcing throughout its organization.

“Partnering with Intesource, which provides guidance and support for every step of our sourcing process, helps us to contain expenses and conserve time, thereby leading to improved efficiency,” said Jason Kennedy, director of continuous Improvement and administrative effectiveness for Price Chopper. “We’ve been working with Intesource since 2006 and continue to see millions in real dollar savings. We [are] expanding its reach within our organization.”

The Intesource e-Sourcing Suite is customizable and was developed to allow for complete transparency and control through every step of the sourcing process. The suite contains e-negotiation tools and the associated support services that allow users to become productive within weeks. Intesource also offers contract management and vendor management tools and services designed specifically for the procurement professional.

According to Intesource, its enterprise solutions can deliver results that include a 30 percent improvement in sourcing efficiencies and 18 percent reduction in the cost of goods and operating expenses.

Schenectady, N.Y.-based Golub Corporation owns and operates 127 Price Chopper supermarkets in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.


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