HMV picks new CRM system

HMV’s new rewards scheme, PureHMV, is using a customer relationship manager (CRM) system from EHS Brann Discovery.

PureHMV allows customers to collect points for transactions, then trade them in for ‘money can’t buy items or experiences such as autographed guitars or concert tickets.

EHS Brann Discovery is supporting the launch of the unique scheme, which has now gone nationwide after a six month trial across 33 stores in East Anglia and the West Midlands. The agency’s approach will utilise reward scheme data from multiple sources including HMV’s point-of-sale systems and in-store and website sign-ups, all of which will feed hourly into the CRM system.

The system will analyse sales data by customer types and spending behaviour to allow for better targeted and more relevant communications on promotions and offers. This aims to make the customer’s journey more personal, relevant and valuable and HMV’s marketing more efficient, profitable and insightful.

“The implementation of a CRM system will enable HMV to maximise the value it derives from PureHMV, and provides the tools to ensure that its approach to customer loyalty remains current and credible. Investment in customer loyalty generates a vast quantity of customer insight, and by carefully analysing this data and applying it to the interactions it has with its customers, HMV can continue to enjoy profitably and long term relationships,” says EHS Brann Discovery managing director Richard Greenhalgh.


Procter & Gamble Deploys Analytics Software for Product and Branding Research

The Procter & Gamble Co. is leveraging predictive analytics in an effort to gain a complete view of customer attitudes and preferences about its products.

The Procter & Gamble Co. is using Chicago-based SPSS Inc.’s Predictive Analytics Software (PASW) to gather and analyze direct consumer feedback to improve its marketing research and brand evaluation.

“At P&G, we believe that high-quality, focused market research is an indispensable tool in the successful development and marketing of our consumer products,” said Patrick Hogan, consumer research solutions manager for global business services at Cincinnati-based P&G. “SPSS Predictive Analytics Software is instrumental in our understanding of how consumers think about and interact with our products, how they make purchase decisions, and how they respond to new ideas.”

P&G uses PASW Data Collection software to manage the entire research lifecycle by authoring and conducting surveys, and then sending feedback to analysts for improving process efficiencies. PASW Data Collection was designed to provide an open, scalable and customizable solution for multi-channel survey research and reporting needs.

“SPSS Predictive Analytics Software has enabled P&G to improve on and execute our research with consistent standards, quality and comparability across the globe,” said Hogan. “Using Predictive Analytics Software, our organization has made strides in effectively promoting brands, resulting in considerable savings to our organization and value to our consumer.”

Future Group Deploys Next-Generation Database for Enterprise Data Analysis

Future Group, India’s largest retailer, with banners that span the retail market, has deployed a new database for its Enterprise Data Cloud in support of large-scale data analytics for its multi-format nationwide chain of retail stores.

The retailer is working with San Mateo, Calif.-based Greenplum on the project. “Flexibility and agility are core requirements in our IT infrastructure,” said Ushir Bhatt, CEO of Future Knowledge Services within Mumbai-based Future Group. “Greenplum Database is a centerpiece of our strategy to use a cloud-like approach to our data warehouse. Greenplum’s leadership in bringing forth Enterprise Data Cloud is another example of how they are leap-frogging their competition in the data warehousing market and adapting to the business needs of retailers.”

The Greenplum Database stores and analyzes terabytes to petabytes of data using clusters of commodity servers, moving processing power as close as possible to the data, so processing always occurs in parallel for better query and load performance, according to the company.

“Greenplum brings Future Group the speed and scalability of a massively parallel data warehouse but does so in a very cost-effective manner,” said Parakh Dave, head of technology services, Future Knowledge Services. “As we increase the amount of data under management, we will be able to make smarter decisions about customers, products, pricing and promotions across all of our retail outlets. We are setting a new standard for retail analytics by enabling our decision-makers to run Future Group as a data-driven enterprise.”

Tata’s Trent to Deploy Dassault PLM

Trent Ltd., a Tata Group company and operator of Trent Westside, one of India s largest and fastest growing retailers, is planning to deploy the ENOVIA Apparel Accelerator for design & development.

With 38 Westside stores in India and plans to expand rapidly in 2010, Trent Ltd. will need to manage its margin and profitability by rapidly responding to changing market conditions and consumer trends. A key element of its long term success will be based on how effectively the company is able to work with the core elements in their ecosystem including internal resources, partners, buyers, sourcing offices and suppliers, according to a statement.

Dassault Syst mes (DS) a player in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, will provide the accelerator to Trent. According to Dassault, the ENOVIA Accelerator that takes nine weeks to implement, will be integrated with Trent s existing ERP systems. Greater visibility into the new product development process will enable the company to reduce sample development time and increase seasonal options by leveraging the market knowledge and design capabilities of key suppliers while also tracking commodity prices to negotiate better costs with them.

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