Lakeland launches new-look store in Stratford-upon-Avon

Homewares retailer Lakeland opened a new-look store in
Stratford-upon-Avon on Monday.

Designed by Calum Lumsden, a director at design consultancy Small Back Room, the 5,715 sq ft store is a move on from the pilot store that the retailer opened in Durham in April.

The Stratford-upon-Avon branch is located in a former Argos unit and represents a lower-cost version of the Durham prototype that is likely to be rolled out across the chain over the next year, with a programme of refurbishments already in place.

Lakeland estates director Julian Rayner said that the revised format is around 30 per cent cheaper to install than the Durham store.

Lumsden said: “The reduction has been achieved by taking out certain elements, such as the chandelier [created from 397 Lakeland utensils] and by putting out store fixtures and shopfitting to tender.”

He added that the Tunbridge Wells store, due to be refurbished in the early autumn, would take the development a stage further in terms of cost.

Lakeland trades from 40 outlets. The Durham store was followed by another branch opening at Beverley in East Yorkshire. In the year to December 31, 2007, Lakeland sales rose 24 per cent to £125.6m and pre-tax profit was flat at £6.3m.

Source:, By John Ryan


Make-up and marketplaces are tops for beauty and apparel shoppers.

In March, eBay came out on top for traffic to beauty and apparel retail sites while Mary Kay was No. 1 for time spent, Nielsen Online reports.

eBay was the traffic winner despite posting a 44% traffic decline. 6.5 million shoppers visited eBay Clothing, Shoes and Accessories last month, Zappos was second in line with 5.2 million visitors, a 55% increase from a year earlier.

Visitors to Mary Kay spent on average a whopping 2 hours and 23 minutes on the make-up site—far longer than Avon, which ranked No. 2 with nearly 50 minutes.

The top 10 online apparel and beauty shopping destinations in March with unique visitors in millions this year compared to a year earlier and the percent change, according to Nielsen Online were:

* eBay Clothing Shoes & Accessories, 6.57,11.64, -44%
*, 5.23, 3.38, 55%
* Victoria`s Secret, 4.89, 4.20, 16%
* Avon 3.94, 4.20, -6%
* Lands’ End, 3.88, 3.47, 12%
* The Gap, 3.81, 2.38, 60%
* Old Navy, 3.54, 3.36, 5%
* eBay Jewelry and Watches, 2.72, 4.81, -44%
* L.L. Bean, 2.48, 2.70, -8%
*, 2.25, 1.94, 16%

Unique visitors count only once each shopper who came to a site, no matter how many times the shopper visited. This is a custom list compiled by Internet Retailer of the top e-commerce sites in this category based on Nielsen Online data. Rankings may contain multiple web sites from the same retailer or manufacturer.

By length of visit, the top 10 apparel and beauty sites in March (hours:minutes:seconds), according to Nielsen Online, were:

* Mary Kay, 2:23:10
* Avon, 0:49:58
* Lane Bryant, 0:30:17
* Woman Within, 0:18:49
*, 0:18:25
*, 0:16:30
* Victoria’s Secret, 0:16:24
* Sierra Trading Post, 0:15:11
*, 0:14:45
* eBay Clothing Shoes and Accessories, 0:14:04

The top eight consumer goods industry segments in terms of online ad impressions (in millions) in March, according to Nielsen data, were:

* Food & Beverage, 3,490.70
* Personal Care, 3,354.67
* Print Publishing, 1,159.02
* Home & Garden, 985.01
* Apparel & Jewelry, 685.80
* Automotive Supply, 417.50
* Toy & Hobby, 150.57
* Recreational Gear, 146.14

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